Elk Lake, Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness by Brett Haverstick

Dear Friends,

Bob Marshall once said, “There is just one hope of repulsing the tyrannical ambition of civilization to conquer every niche on the whole earth. That hope is the organization of spirited people who will fight for the freedom of the wilderness.”

That “hope” is now you. As one of those spirited people who cares about our country’s wilderness lands, we need your contribution to ensure that we carry the fight for the freedom of wilderness forward in 2022.

Together with our letters, comments, phone calls, and lawsuits, we turned back many threats in the past year, from the State of Montana’s proposal to poison dozens of miles of streams in the Scapegoat Wilderness, to the Air Force’s plans to expand F-16 fighter jet training over the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico, to the State of Alaska’s efforts to build a road through the Izembek Wilderness, to the Forest Service’s attempts to open long-vacant grazing allotments to domestic cows and sheep in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, and so many more!

Our work and these successes are only possible because of people like you, who write letters, contact Congress, and make donations to fuel our work. More than 85 percent of our funding comes from our individuals like you. Please make a special end-of-the-year donation so that we can keep fighting the good fight for Wilderness in 2022:

  • We’ll still be in court to stop the Biden administration from upholding Trump’s illegal efforts to carve a road through the spectacular Izembek Wilderness.
  • On Monday, we sued Idaho for draconian laws aimed at slaughtering up to 90 percent of its wolves through hunting, trapping, and snaring, while also jeopardizing the lives of rare grizzly bears and Canada lynx. We’ve put Montana on notice of our intent to sue over its similar new wolf-killing laws.
  • We’ll be pursuing our litigation to end the killing of grizzly bears at black bear baiting stations in Idaho and Wyoming.
  • We’ll be challenging excessive amounts of motorized commercial towboats the Forest Service is allowing deep into the heart of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
  • We’ll be fending off more calls for interfering with natural ecological processes in Wilderness, from federal land managers hell-bent on achieving their “desired conditions” through burning, herbicide spraying, poisoning, fish planting, predator killing, and the like. We’ll advance our national campaign to reform livestock grazing in Wilderness, to fight back efforts to allow mountain bikes in Wilderness, and to take on whatever else the opponents of authentic Wilderness dream up.

Wilderness Watch is a citizen-driven, member-supported organization. We like it that way! Please make a generous donation today to protect Wilderness in the year ahead.

For the wild,
George, Dana, Kevin, Brett, and Dawn


Help us fight for the freedom of the wilderness in 2022.

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Photo: Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness by Brett Haverstick

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