Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Dear Friends,

By now you’ve heard that the Republican Congress has voted to open our nation’s most iconic wild place—the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—to oil and gas drilling.  The unimaginable has happened.

That’s not to say the fight to protect the Arctic is over.  Far from it.  And those of us who care about that remarkable place will win.  But the mere fact that this Congress and this Administration are so crass, so pitifully disconnected from the natural world, so unhinged from our nation’s conservation history, and so willing to destroy places previous generations promised to protect for all time, poses the greatest threat of all.

They must be stopped, but we need your help.  Please make a contribution today to our work to secure long-term protections for our country’s wildest places. 

As an added incentive, a generous donor will match all first-time contributions—your donation will be doubled!

Make no mistake: nothing is safe from these greedy thugs.  Certainly not our Wilderness System.  From the SHARE Act, which would effectively repeal the Wilderness Act, to the mountain bike bill that would severely weaken the law, to several border bills that would waive Wilderness Act protections from more than 30 million acres of our wildest places, there is scarcely a Wilderness that’s secure.

But we will never let up. Wilderness Watch and supporters like you are the last defense standing between our National Wilderness Preservation System and those who would harm it. We’ll continue to confront the lawmakers, the bureaucrats and the special interests that are intent on doing harm to our Wilderness and wildlife.

With you’re support we’ll win. We'll continue to stand strong and uncompromising in defense of the wild. This is a fight we can’t afford to lose. Please be as generous as you can with a contribution now.

Thank you for your consideration and let’s get ready for 2018.

For the wild,

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