Dear friend of Wilderness and its wild beings,

As you know from reading and responding to our dozens of action alerts over the past several months, our country’s Wildernesses and their wild critters are under constant barrage from the Trump Administration and Congress. Wilderness Watch is fighting Wilderness policy reversals and worse, proposals that strike at the heart of our remaining Wilderness. These proposals are the dark schemes of those who practice what writer Gary Snyder calls “self-congratulatory ignorance of the natural world.”

Support from people like you has always fueled Wilderness Watch’s successes. Please consider a special summer donation to help us safeguard our irreplaceable Wilderness system.

Right now, Wilderness Watch is defending Wilderness around the country by:

  • suing Interior Secretary Zinke to stop his unprecedented attempt to build a road through the fabled Izembek Wilderness in Alaska;
  • spearheading opposition to the so-called “sportsmens heritage” bill that would effectively repeal the Wilderness Act, the “biking bill” that would open every Wilderness to mountain bikes and other forms of mechanical transport, and to various “border bills” that would waive the Wilderness Act and other protective laws on 32 million acres of Wilderness that lie within 100 miles of any U.S. border;
  • leading the charge to stop Idaho from killing wolves in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness; and
  • fighting dozens of projects that would harm Wildernesses—from Cumberland Island to the Arctic Refuge and many wild places in-between.

It’s clear that the train is going off the rails in Congress, in Secretary Ryan Zinke’s Department of Interior, and on the ground in many Wildernesses.

Wilderness Watch is the counter-weight to those who would exploit Wilderness.

Your gift to Wilderness is needed more than ever. Please help us keep Wilderness Wild with a donation today.

For the Wild,
George, Jeff, Dawn, Kevin, Dana, and Clare

Help us save the wild. Now is the best time to give as all first-time donations to Wilderness Watch will be matched by one of our generous members.

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Photo: Middle Santiam Wilderness, Oregon by Leon Werdinger Photography

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