Weminuche Wilderness by Leon Werdinger

On June 11, we learned that the Forest Service had withdrawn its unprecedented decision to use chainsaws for clearing trails throughout the Weminuche and South San Juan Wildernesses in southern Colorado! On May 22, Wilderness Watch and two co-plaintiff organizations sued to stop the Forest Service’s unlawful plan, and yesterday the regional forester rescinded it.

This Wilderness victory belongs to you. The impressive outpouring of opposition from Wilderness Watch members and supporters like you, along with our strong legal case, is what stopped the Forest Service from running chainsaws all over these Wildernesses. Thank you for the thousands of letters you sent the Forest Service voicing your opposition, and for the generous financial support for this fight. The Weminuche and South San Juan Wildernesses will remain free of motors thanks to you.

Read a press release.

Read more about the lawsuit.

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