Weminuche Wilderness by Leon Werdinger

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Please join us on Giving Tuesday and give a gift for Wilderness, so together we can continue this important work. Supporters like you propel us forward. For 30 years, people like you have helped us keep our irreplaceable Wilderness areas wild.

As an added incentive, a generous member from Alaska will match first-time donations!

So far in 2019 together we have:

  • Filed a lawsuit to stop, once again, an 11-mile road from slicing through the heart of the fabled Izembek Wilderness in Alaska.
  • Stopped a “chainsaw massacre” in the Weminuche and South San Juan Wildernesses in Colorado.
  • Launched a campaign to remedy the harmful effects of domestic livestock grazing in 13 million acres of Wilderness, and have vigorously opposed proposals to open ungrazed areas to livestock use.
  • Filed a lawsuit to end baiting bears on national forest lands in Wyoming and Idaho, including Wilderness. This appalling practice of allowing “bait stations” where hunters lie in wait has led to several grizzly bears being killed.
  • Filed a formal Objection to stop helicopters and heavy-handed wildlife gunning, collaring, translocation, and manipulation in multiple Wildernesses.
  • Generated more than 500,000 letters to Congress and agency decision-makers on dozens of Wilderness issues.

Wilderness Watch is leading the fight against legislation that would open all Wilderness to bikes and other machines, destroy Wilderness on our nation's borders, and open new Wildernesses to all sorts of incompatible activities.

On Giving Tuesday, please support our ongoing work to keep Wilderness—from Alaska to Florida, Maine to California—wild and free. We will never give up, and we need your support more than ever.

Thank you,
George, Jeff, Dawn, Kevin, and Dana

Join us for Giving Tuesday. All first-time donations matched!

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Photo: Weminuche Wilderness, CO by Leon Werdinger